Announcing the new LiteSpeed for SQL Server User Group

Recently, Quest held the first meeting of our new LiteSpeed for SQL Server User Group (LSSUG). The one hour webcast presented a variety of topics designed to help our customers receive even more value from LiteSpeed. The advanced LiteSpeed features discussed included:


  • Adaptive Compression & Compression Tips – Balancing backup job CPU utilization, run times, and sizes based on compression levels.
  • Object-Level Recovery – Restoring individual database objects such as tables, indexes, and stored procedures directly from backups.
  • Transaction Log Reader – Recovering data and database objects from the SQL Server transaction log after SQL statements or application programs have accidentally or intentionally corrupted SQL Server data.


Also, Quest experts Kevin Kline, Jason Hall, and David Gugick answered many questions about both LiteSpeed and SQL Server. To watch a replay of the LiteSpeed for SQL Server User Group webcast, please click on the link below:


Finally, we're going to be posting many of the tips, tricks, and techniques presented on our LSSUG webcasts here on the LiteSpeed for SQL Server Community so please return often! If you have any specific LiteSpeed question or topics you'd like to have discussed, please feel free to post them here and we will address them in future meetings.


Steve Paravola

Product Marketing Manager - LiteSpeed for SQL Server