Announcing the vRanger v5.4 Beta Program: Launches 6-April-2012

Invitation to participate in the vRanger v5.4 beta program


Quest Software is pleased to announce that the beta release of vRanger v5.4 will be available from the vRanger beta forum on Quest Communities on Friday, 6-April-2012.


vRanger v5.4 is an exciting new release and we inviting beta participants to provide feedback on the following areas:

  • Integration with EMC Data Domain Boost software
  • Distributed backup and restore architecture option through the vRanger Virtual Appliance (VA)
  • Centralized, wizard-driven VA deployment and configuration
  • Using a single VA to support backup, restore, replication, and Linux FLR in a clustered host environment


We have partnered with EMC Data Domain in this beta program, and they have provided trial licenses for DD Boost software so that you can test vRanger v5.4 backups to the Data Domain system via DD Boost software. The DD Boost trial should not be used in a production environment. Please let me know by email if you’re interested in the DD Boost software trial license.


This beta allows for a large number of users to test and evaluate the next major release of vRanger. The beta should not be used in a production environment.


The binaries and documentation are available in the online beta forum. If you have not yet joined, please follow these steps:

  1. If you haven’t already done so, join the Quest community here by registering with the email address to which this invitation was sent
  2. Login to the Quest community
  3. Once logged into the Quest community, visit the beta program forum here and request access by clicking on the “Ask to join this group” link
  4. Your request will be processed in less than 24 hours in most cases, and you will be granted access to the vRanger beta forum


If you have any issues obtaining access to the vRanger beta forum, send me an email directly (


Beta training


The Product Management team will schedule training webinars the week of 9-April to review what’s new in vRanger v5.4.


We will also hold a joint webinar with EMC Data Domain to review more details about the integration with DD Boost.


Calendar invitations for both will be sent soon.


Beta support and feedback


In order to help us release vRanger v5.4 on schedule, users of the beta release are encouraged to post general questions in the beta forum which is actively monitored by the vRanger Development and Product Management teams.


Please report any bugs, issues, or errors, and ask questions, in the beta forum. The forum will be actively monitored by Product Management and Development. To collect specific feedback on test cases and overall experience, the Product Management team will invite participants to schedule time for direct conversations as well.


vRanger Product Management looks forward to your participation and receiving feedback on this beta release of vRanger!


Thank you,

The vRanger Product Management Team

Mark Edwards and Sheldon D’Paiva