AppAssure 5.3.1 drive filling up - troubleshooting tips

Are you on AppAssure Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms in your environment?

  • The C: drive is filling up on the core
  • Your console is sluggish or non-responsive

If you notice these symptoms, it is possible that the KeyContainer storage on the core (by default C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\MachineKeys) is being overloaded with machine keys.

AppAssure uses SSL to do the data transfer between the core and protected servers. We use certificates that are stored in the MS certificate store (on the core). Right now, if you are on build 59332, for some reason when the AA cert is inserted, the temp file is never removed. This can fill up a small C drive pretty quickly, and cause the above-mentioned issues.

Last week, we released an update that includes a fix for this issue (build 60393). This update also includes fixes for a few other issues we’ve been noticing. To get the entire list of fixes, check out the update’s release notes. Also, check out the KB article for this particular issue. It gives more description of the issue as well as steps to download the update. If you have questions after reading that doc, please reach out to AppAssure support.

This update supersedes the custom binary mentioned in this fabulous blog post from Georges Khairallah.

Do you have any questions about this update? Please let us know in the comments!