AppAssure ‘Preview of Coming Attractions' at VMworld 2015

The trailer for a much-anticipated film can be as exciting to movie fans as the main feature. Dell doesn’t have a feature film in the works, but we’re offering a ‘sneak peek’ at the next generation of AppAssure at VMworld 2015, August 30th to September 3rd in San Francisco.

AppAssure backup, recovery and replication software is already a blockbuster. The current version 5.4.3 of the software offers a rich set of features that are helping organizations protect their data more flexibly and achieve outstanding RTOs and RPOs. Our customers are delighted with near-instant recovery from outages, flexible public cloud-based disaster recovery, warm Virtual Standby machines, and much more.

But the next release of AppAssure will be the software equivalent of a ‘major movie event’. New ease of use, new technology for performance, new flexibility will combine to create a one-of-a-kind, next-generation data protection product. We’re excited about the next generation of AppAssure, and like the movie moguls, we can’t wait to share our excitement with the world.

Accordingly, our booth at VMworld this year will show a running demo of some of the new features of the 6.0 release. Join me for a live presentation about what’s coming soon with AppAssure, get answers to your questions, and discuss your data protection needs and goals.

The new AppAssure release is currently in beta testing and slated for release later this year. But don’t wait! Come and see what you can do with AppAssure right now, and get future ready with a sneak peek at the expanded flexibility, performance, and ease of use coming soon.