Application Performance Monitoring for Mobile Applications

After another week of speaking to Foglight customers and prospects about their web application performance comes another week of growing interests in what Quest is doing for Application Performance Monitoring (APM) around mobile applications. Most of the inquiries have to do with how we address the differences in mobile apps as compared to regular browser based apps with our APM offering. The inquiries have been a mix of the following differences:



  1. Mobile web apps that run in native browsers where their is an optimization of the rendering for the mobile browsers
  2. Apps that run native on the mobile device platforms and access a web server front-ending an application through REST, XML,other HTTP based API
  3. Proprietary applications and protocols that are being used by mobile apps in lieu of web applications


It seems that a big part of HTML5 will be about optimizing mobile applications to run over the internet. We question whether there will be room for the native mobile platforms or the proprietary interfaces once we enter the era of HTML5. The direction of APM will certainly be altered by new mobile offerings but it’s not completely clear as to just how those alterations are going to play out at this time. Is HTML5 really the answer?