Application Visibility for Network Admins - Stop the Blame Game!

As the head of product management for Quest Software’s Network Management division I hear from network administrators all the time citing war stories of finger pointing and network blame games. “Our web site is running slow, it must be the network’s fault!” “I can’t log into my account…The network must be down!”
I was on a call earlier this week discussing our Foglight Network Management System (NMS) with a network administrator who had just spent 5 hours in a war room with other domain experts trying to solve a major performance problem impacting service delivery to customers. He was interested in our integration with the Foglight application performance monitoring (APM) framework and the application-aware visibility that we now offer to network administrators. Just imagine the time saved by being able to see exactly where problems are located in your environment… whether they’re located in the network, the database, your physical servers, virtual infrastructure or the application code itself.
With our latest release of Foglight NMS and its integration into the Foglight APM framework this is now possible. No more time wasted digging through log files and comparing notes with other domain experts trying to FIND problems. Foglight does this for you so you can focus efforts to FIX them and improve service levels.
This week we’re demonstrating Foglight NMS at Cisco Live in London. If you’re in town, please stop the Quest Software booth (E72) for a demo… and see the power of application visibility for yourself.
Not at this week’s show? No worries. You can download a free 21-day trial of Foglight NMS at Just click “Download” to stop the network blame game. You’ll be glad you did!