April Fools Office Pranks from the Master

Today is not just another day in the office…

It’s April Fools’ Day, which means mischievous and unexpected fun is required! April 1st is the one day a year when it is socially acceptable to troll your co-workers. While the origins of this day are uncertain, what we do know is that April Fools’ Day has transformed from a day of dread to a light-hearted cult classic. Thanks Google!

According to Statistic Brain, about 89 million people play an April Fool’s joke each year, and about seven percent of those people are co-workers and bosses. I happen to be one of those people and take pride in being a part of the seven percent.

Over the years, I’ve witnessed, research, and participated in dozens of pranks – the next one more creative than the last. My favorite pranks are the ones with a delayed gratification. Ones that have been plotted months ago and get set off when you least expect it.

In the spirit of the “holiday,” I’ve dug through the archives and found five of my favorite office pranks. Here they are in the order of least effort to the most intricate.

1.  Scotch Tape on the Mouse

Whether it’s a laser or ball-rolling mouse, a piece of tape can yield even the mightiest of mice dead. The tape renders the mouse ineffective, and the next thing you know, your co-worker is kicking themselves for calling Help desk for a new mouse.


2. Look Out for Falling Objects

You can play this prank with any number of objects. Packing peanuts, whiffle balls, marbles, or whatever you can get your hands on. I prefer bouncy balls, because once they are free of their confinements, they stampede through the hallway. While this one can be expensive, the gratification of the prank is very rewarding.


3. Stuffing Balloons in the Cubicle

Word of advice, make sure you have an air pump handy.


4. Foiling the Cubicle

This one can be a bit tricky. Aluminum foil can be loud when you tear it from the package and wrap all your victim’s office supplies and furniture. I recommend coming in early so you can sneak back to your cube undetected.


5. Decorating with Sticky Notes

It’s all about color with this one. The brighter the better. Sure, layering each individual sticky note is a tedious job, but it’s just as tedious for the other person to remove them all. Savor your masterpiece while you can.

There you have it. Five April Fools’ Day prank ideas to inspire you to create a little havoc in the office today. What are some of your favorite pranks? Tell us in the comments!