Are you ensuring your #SharePoint is reliable? Learn how in this tech brief from @CMcNulty2000 #qSharePoint #Governance

Late last week we held our Five Pillars of SharePoint Governance – Reliability webcast featuring Michael Noel (@michaeltnoel) from Convergent Computing and Chris McNulty (@CMcNulty2000). SharePoint governance recording


And this week you can take a more in-depth look at how Quest Software can help you implement the reliability portion of your governance plan.


The Five Pillars of SharePoint Governance – Reliability (a tech brief)


SharePoint reliability is essential to sustaining user adoption and delivering business value. One of the five pillars of SharePoint governance - reliability - is intended to prevent end-user productivity interruptions by ensuring your infrastructure is configured correctly, your data is protected, and your SharePoint is up-to-date.


This tech brief from Chris McNulty explains how SharePoint’s reliability can be improved with native tools, but there are tradeoffs. Quest solutions for SharePoint are designed to automate the safeguards and processes you need for a stable environment.


SharePoint Governance Tech Brief


P.S. Stay tuned to this blog to learn about the other Five Pillars of SharePoint Governance – security, auditing, reliability, usability and supportability.