Are you using Stat to its Full Potential - Stat for Oracle Ebusiness Patching

One of the core features of Stat involves application of Oracle Ebusiness patches. With the large number of patches Oracle releases, it is constant challenge to keep up to date on the latest fixes. Leveraging this functionality in Stat can greatly assist you in this endeavor. I am creating a series of whitepapers that will breakdown each of the areas of patching in Stat and how it works in Stat and what you need to do to take full advantage of it:

1. Uploading Patches – how to upload the patches into Stat

2. Patch Prerequisites – how to check for patch prerequisites in Stat

3. Merging Patches – how to merge patches in Stat

4. Calling Pre and post scripts for patching – how to call your own scripts to bring down/up servers and other scripts you like to call

5. Patch Application – how to schedule and apply patches in Stat

6. Patching Business rules – how to receive email notifications when a patch is successful or completes in error or warning

7. Patch log files – how to view the patch log files and troubleshoot in Stat

8. Patch Backout – how Stat can bring back the pre patch versions of flat-files

9. Undocumented Patch Wizard – how Stat can document and track patches you have already applied or have applied manually

Please feel free to ask me questions about this if you need more details.