Are you using Stat to its 'Full' potential? Focus on Oracle EBusiness configuration/functional setups.

I love talking with our Stat for EBusiness customers and hear the stories of where Stat is helping them the most. One area that I have seen that sometimes seems a bit under-utilized, is the versioning, comparing, and migration of Oracle EBusiness configuration/functional setups. Stat has gone through a few different stages with these configuration objects so I should explain them.


  1. The first iteration are seeded objects that are added by running a resource kit (i.e. look in the drop down when selecting objects you should see options for AP, AR, GL, etc.) If you don’t see them then the resource kit has not been added or they are disabled and this can be downloaded from the Support site.
  2. The second iteration was introduced in version 5.4.2 and was the capability to add in additional functional setups as long as there is a .lct file that allows for unique download and upload of that object. So in layman’s terms, if you can currently migrate an object via FNDLOAD you should be able to add it into Stat via the gui interface and get version control, side-by-side comparisons, and migrations for those objects. This allowed customers to expand outside the seeded ones and into new modules. Information can be found in Stat documentation guides on how to add them.
  3. The latest iteration came out in early 2012 and is the EOS package. Unlike the previous iterations that work for both 11i and R12, EOS is specific to R12. This was introduced to help fill some of the gaps of where Oracle has not provided .lct files (or they do not work the way you would like) and were developed by Quest and its partner Adjacent solutions. There are almost 300 additional setups that have been added already with more on the way. These are an add-on package available in four distinct libraries, allowing you to select add the setups that will aid you the most. For additional information on these and their prices contact your account manager and visit .


In summary, there is great value and cost savings you can achieve through Stat in having version control, side-by-side comparisons, migrations, security and auditing of your Oracle EBusiness configuration/functional setups in Stat. If you are not already leveraging this functionality it might be time to explore it!


Please feel free to ask me questions about this or how to get started.