Are you using Stat to its Full Potential? Patching Log Files

One of the core features of Stat involves the application of Oracle Ebusiness patches.  When applying a patch and you encounter an error or want to review the log files, how can you quickly access them?  These files are conveniently located and easily accessible within Stat.  I am going to discuss how it works in Stat and what you need to do to view these log files.

After applying a patch within Stat, it pulls in the log files and they are accessible for you to view/export in a couple different places.   The first is within the OraApps Patch Console found under Consoles/OraApps Patch Console and then the ‘Process Request’ tab under the Event Id as seen below:

The second and often easier place to find the log files is within the CSR (Change Service Request) where the patch was scheduled from.  It is found by opening the CSR, selecting the ‘Oracle App’ tab and selecting ‘Advanced’ in the bottom right corner.  Then open the ‘Process Request’ tab as seen below:

You will see both ‘Patch Impact’ and ‘Apply Patch’ log files shown here.  You can highlight what event you want to see the log files for and select the ‘View Log’ button on the right to see the associated log files as seen below:

  • Note: If you ran ‘Apply Patch’ and don’t have ‘Disable Patch Backout’ checked or have the stat.conf parameter disabling it you will receive both ‘Impact’ and ‘Apply’ logs in the ‘Apply Patch’ selection as seen below:

The difference between the ‘Patch Impact” and ‘Patch Apply’ files is that in ‘Patch impact Stat passes the ‘Mode Apply = NO’ command therefore not applying the patch but doing a ‘dry run’ to see what objects will change.

Highlight the log file you want to view and select the ‘View’ button.  You will now be able to see that log file.  You may also export the file out by using the ‘Export’ button on the bottom left corner of the main log screen or in the log itself as seen below:

You now understand how to find and review ‘Patch Impact’ and ‘Patch Apply’ log files from within Stat.  Please feel free to ask me questions if you need clarification or more details.