Attention vFoglight Customers! Virtual Storage Monitoring - Tips, Tricks, and Techniques

Attention vFoglight customers! Quest Software would like to invite you to a unique webcast presenting helpful vFoglight virtual storage monitoring examples. This event will highlight how to use vFoglight to proactively locate virtual storage performance and capacity problems and to send e-mail alerts notifying VMware and/or storage administrators that trouble is brewing!


Additionally, a short demo of Quest vFoglight Storage and how it extends beyond vFoglight to monitor the actual physical storage beneath a virtual infrastructure will be presented. This unique product gathers key storage performance and capacity metrics as well as providing architectural diagrams of I/O paths from ESX Hosts and VMs right down to the actual storage spindles accessing data.


A live vFoglight Q&A session will be held for anyone who wants to stick around after the webcast.


To register for this event, please go to:


Hope to see you there!

Steve Paravola



Product Marketing Manager


Quest Software