Back to the Basics with #BackupU Part Two Launches Today

Back to the Basics with #BackupU Part Two Launches Today

Today, we launch part two of #Backup.U, our online educational series with industry leader, Greg Schulz of StorageIO and DellDP’s Gina Rosenthal. Nine months ago we launched the series for IT professionals who were interested in getting a refresher course on the fundamentals of the practice of backup and recovery without vendor hype (yes, including from Dell! [;)] ).  You know, getting back to our roots.

Since its inception, the program has covered four topics through eight live events to answer a gazillion questions via Twitter and G+ hangout from attendees ranging from newbies to seasoned IT pros. Okay, maybe not a gazillion, but it’s been a lot of questions ranging from the basics of backup to demystifying deduplication. So you can see why we’re excited to interact with you again in five new sessions. The topics for round two will be:

  • Data Footprint Reduction (DFR)
  • The ABCDs of DFR, part 1
  • The ABCDs of DFR, part 2
  • Data and application replication
  • Data Protection Management

The format will remain the same for the 101 and 201 courses.  The 101 course will be delivered via a webinar and the 201 via G+ hangout or a live event.  No worries if you missed out on all the excitement last time around.  Find out how to participate here.  We’ll continue to take questions and have discussions with you via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Quest Community using the hashtag #BackupU. There’s no test to pass so all you have to do is join the conversation.  Who knows, we might even ask you to be a surprise guest host for one of our live events.  The Livestream from Questworld featuredTechCenter Rockstar, Michael E Davis.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements and updates to the program.  Be sure to register. See you in class at #BackupU!