Backup & Disaster Recovery Plans: Complexity, Challenges, and Creatures

Warning: you might not want to read this if you’re eating.

If you’re like many of our customers, you’re finding that more and more often IT is being asked to solve new problems and support new customers throughout your organization. You’re driving results, staying attuned to new opportunities, and in your spare time anticipating future needs. But you also need effective data protection and disaster recovery to cope with changing complexities and unexpected challenges.

Maybe you’re rolling out new virtualized or cloud based applications...or supporting thin client deployments in new locations…or rolling out a new data center in a remote part of the world…or coping with the complexities of a merger, or an acquisition. All of which means change and complexity.

And then to add to it, maybe you have legacy workloads on legacy platforms…or you have to manage the complexity of many workloads, on many operating systems…or you have dozens, or hundreds of workloads scattered around--some essential, some nice to have, and some often ignored until they’re needed. Even more change and complexity.

But now you have dozens, if not hundreds, of terabytes of data swirling around your environment, and you still can’t predict the most critical enemy – uncertainty. Disasters strike without warning and are nearly impossible to predict. Maybe you can closely monitor the weather for certain kinds of potential disasters, but ask some of our customers about uncertainty: one noticed a foul odor in his data center—a decomposing hedgehog in the air conditioning system—and promptly vomited all over a switch rack and took down the whole network; another customer had their phone lines destroyed by a pack of rabbits, taking them offline for more than a day; or yet another customer whose data center had to be evacuated because of some rotting fish in the air-ducts.

The fact is you never know what’s going to happen and how it could impact your organization. And it only adds to the data protection complexity, complication, and challenges that can be felt all the way from your customers to your CEO.

We’re looking for ways to make it easier for you to protect your data and strip out the complexity where possible. Like bundling three types of data protection together in a Suite and offering it based on your front-end capacity needs. Protect your data across physical, virtual, cloud, and nearly any OS with one Suite.

If you can relate to some of what you just read and are looking for ways to map your data protection needs to your business requirements, you might want to tune into the Hitting the “Suite Spot” in Data Protection webcast hosted by Redmond Magazine on September 23rd.