Baring it all: IT Audits

So you think your change management is solid? Show me.   

Baring it all takes a lot of bravery – especially to an auditor. With an IT audit, it also requires a great deal of confidence in your ERP change management process. You need to be sure that you can show the right level of detail when requested and that the data can be retrieved easily and quickly.

It’s okay to dread an audit the way you dreaded going to the doctor for your first adult physical - sitting there practically naked on a cold table except for a paper gown. Your doctor was there to address any issues and make sure that your body was in good health. And like the doctor, your auditor is there to ensure your organization’s health and make sure that it complies with internal and external mandates that define how you do business. Like many things that can be difficult, both are for your own good.

Be ready to show the goods

An IT audit is all about proving that your ERP change management solution is well controlled, documented and defines the processes and policies that govern your business – and critically, that you follow them.

For example, this sort of exchange could happen:

You: Every change request for our ERP system requires approval by two IT managers.
Auditor: Show me

You: We take a snapshot of our ERP system before implementing each round of changes.
Auditor: Show me

You: We capture and log the deployment of every object associated with every change.
Auditor: Show me

Having a sound change management system is the starting point. But having transparency and the ability to retrieve the information required quickly and effectively is essential to having a successful audit. Without an automated change management solution, you should prepare to spend a lot of time with that auditor – and nobody wants that.

Baring it all is cathartic 

The bottom line is that your organization must provide assurance and comply with the requisite business and regulatory standards – period. As revealing as the process might be, audits are an essential function that keeps your business and ERP applications moving forward.

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