Be Your Storage Customers' Knight in Shining Armor - Back Up and Recover Their Castle

Be your storage customers’ knight in shining armor – protect their most valuable assets.

So, you’ve sold storage to your customers, but don’t you want to make sure their data is now safe and protected? Your customers treat their data like a castle, which holds everything precious to them. To protect their castle, they need a drawbridge and a moat. In this day and age, backup and recovery solutions are in essence the drawbridge and moat surrounding the castle – protecting a lord and lady’s highly valuable assets.

Though these assets are treasured, often backup and recovery solutions can be overlooked by customers or only considered when it’s too late – after the server has crashed! That dreaded feeling of losing important documents and data… it causes hours, if not days, of disruption – and at a huge cost to the business. No-one wants to go through this. All too often we have the misconception in life that “oh, it won’t happen to me” but it can, and the risk is high.

So what are the risks?

The most common factors that cause data loss are:

  • Human error
  • Viruses
  • Hardware malfunction
  • Software corruption

And every day, companies have to allow for this.

How can you protect your lord and lady?

The lords and ladies of the castles wouldn’t sit and keep watch to see if an attack was imminent would they? And it’s the same with your customers. Like attacks, disasters are rare, but getting a business back up and running is stressful, time-consuming and costs serious money – so really, is it worth taking the risk? Your customers need you as their guard to foresee any potential disasters and protect them – which is where data backup and recovery solutions come into play. A knight is a trusted and reliable protector, and it’s no different for you as a storage reseller.

You need to guide your customers in the right direction and educate them. You can help them understand the risks and the importance of backup, and instill trust in them with a recovery solution that supports their business needs and expectations.

It’s important that they know what choices are available and have support choosing the right backup and recovery solution whatever size their company is – small, mid-market or enterprise. Check out this on-demand webinar by Michael Grant, Director of Quest Product Marketing, where he outlines how to build business-aligned data recovery strategies for your customers.

But… they say… it’s expensive to run a castle!

So, it’s not a priority for your lord and lady to pay for the electronic drawbridge that can lift up as soon as an attack is detected and protect their assets; it’s a luxury, not a necessity. Wrong! The drawbridge is automated, it serves their needs and creates peace of mind – just like a managed backup and recovery solution, which is invaluable. Customers chancing their most valuable data on free or cheap software is risky and can create doubts and misconceptions of the value that backup and recovery solutions can provide.

Now it’s time to save the day.

As outlined in this Reseller Attitudes to Backup and Recovery White Paper, “Those that make an effort to take backup solutions to market as a core offering seem to be finding no shortage of business, but the number that do is relatively small”. Find out the sweet spot for selling backup solutions, where you can make your margin, and discover the opportunities that are being missed, while providing the protection to your customers that they need. Quick…Don’t miss the back-up train – become their knight in shining armor!