Being Prepared In The (AD) Forest

Being Prepared! It's everywhere in my life right now - as a mom, in my neighborhood and at work - I can't seem to get away!!!


My little Cub Scout has learned (the hard way) to "Be Prepared" - because going hiking in the forest after 2 days of hard rain means your socks WILL get wet and you're going to need a backup plan! Scouts who don't bring an extra pair of socks can only hope for sunshine and a big rock....Or a mom who slid in an extra pair into their pack...which his didn't!!! Hiking in wet socks = blister-ville real quick!!


At my neighborhood party, it was a much different story as my friend (who happens to be an IT guy with a pretty large healthcare org) was pacing and on the phone...uttering “restore” and “the backups”. Luckily, this time he rejoined us concerned about the failure, but happy that his team was able to restore whatever bump was in their road. Being prepared paid off! We all partied – nobody had to leave suddenly and fun was had by all…


At work, as a campaign manager here at Quest, I have heard tales of the hours of pain associated with some companies restoring Active Directory manually. And, I also read case studies about how companies succeed because they are prepared!. Recovery Manager for AD Forest Edition exists to save companies time and money if a disaster does occur at a forest it can and does.


Be Prepared! Check out That Dreaded Day and see five AD disaster scenarios and how they might have been prevented or repaired more quickly with proper planning and tools.


Oh shoot - here I am rambling and I forgot to thaw dinner! Guess we're eating out AGAIN tonight…at least that MY backup plan!