Best Practices for Migrating Email to #Office365

Many organizations today are considering moving from a legacy email system — Exchange, Notes, GroupWise, Gmail or another platform — to Exchange 2013 and Office 365. After all, Office 365 offers a lower cost of ownership, reduces the burden on IT, ensures you have the latest fixes and enhancements, and guarantees enterprise-level reliability.

This new whitepaper from Quest explains key migration best practices to help ensure a complete, seamless transition. You’ll learn how to properly prepare for your migration — including not just planning the technical details but also considering how the migration will impact your business and operations. You’ll also see why it’s important to give special attention to large attachments, PSTs and other local email files, and why coexistence is critical to avoiding disruption and an impact to productivity. Finally, you’ll discover how to evaluate migration solutions, and why engaging a migration partner can be a smart investment.