Best Practices for #SharePoint Pre-Migration Assessment

It’s no secret that the release of SharePoint 2013 has waves of customers thinking migration. Some are planning to move their legacy content directly to the new version—whether on-premises or Office 365. Others are looking to move to SharePoint 2010, staying one version away from current.

In any scenario, SharePoint migrations are complex and risky projects, and you need to plan effectively. We talked about the importance of proper pre-migration assessment in a recent migration best practices webcast.  But let’s explore pre-migration readiness in more detail below.

In the course of your assessment, you will use various tools to collect relevant configuration and usage information about your existing deployment. If Quest Migration Suite for SharePoint is your migration solution of choice, you have a few additional assessment tools at your disposal to simplify and automate pre-migration analysis, such as the built-in pre-migration report.

The pre-migration assessment report enables you to analyze the contents and configuration of a particular source SharePoint site (or set of sites), compare it against the intended SharePoint target and produce a report on potential pitfalls you may need to address.  

For those who don’t want to read any further, here is a 5-minute video on this feature.