Best #SharePoint Product is @DellSharePoint Site Administrator per @WindowsITPro Comm. Awards

What’s gold, has 5 points and was given to Quest’s Site Administrator for SharePoint?


The WindowsITPro Community Choice Awards for BEST SHAREPOINT PRODUCT 2013!


We are honored to receive this top award, especially considering the tough competition that Site Administrator for SharePoint beat out. It’s a great feeling to see that the community recognizes what we’ve always known – Site Administrator for SharePoint is the best SharePoint tool! Here’s what WindowsITPro quoted from one customer:


"Site Administrator gives businesses so much visibility into SharePoint security, usage, and growth—all with no need to beg IT admins for a report when you need it."





Site Administrator’s powerful capabilities help centralize management and policy enforcement actions, including:

  • SharePoint monitoring and discovery
  • SharePoint reporting
  • Delegated access
  • Comprehensive security control
  • Operational auditing
  • Powerful growth forecasting and management


But you should find out for yourself. We’ve got plenty of great resources that will showcase the award winning REPORT >> ACT >> ENFORCE features for SharePoint administration: