Bridgehead support with Archive Manager

Some existing customers are leveraging Bridgehead and there has been some confusion regarding our support. Currently our 4.6 release notes state that Bridgehead HT FileStore with HDR 2.2-20, build 23007 supported Only upgrades supported in 4.6. What this essentially means is if you are an existing customer and you leverage this file store, then you will continue to be supported. We will not be able to support and new Archive Manager deployments on this type of file store. We have also come across a few customers that are interested in moving away for Bridgehead and we are looking into providing a migration tool to support those customers.


If you are a customer that is interested in finding out more information about the migration tool, please send me an email directly to We've also created a support article to clarify our position as well as we will update our documentation in the next release. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.