Build Better #SharePoint Contest #QWebParts

Attention SharePoint community! Do you have mad SharePoint skills that go unnoticed? Do you bust your tail managing SharePoint every day, only to get more requests to complete simple, tedious tasks in SharePoint?



It’s time to show off what you can build in SharePoint by entering the Build Better SharePoint Contest . That’s right – Quest Software is searching for the best use of Quest Web Parts for SharePoint.



To win, build a SharePoint application using Quest Web Parts for SharePoint and submit it to the SharePoint for All community. The prize? A trip to the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2011 in Anaheim!! Heck, even second place gets a $1,000 Apple gift card (iPad 2 anyone?). The winner will be chosen by the community and a panel of SharePoint experts.


Oh – and you don’t need to be a SharePoint master to enter –anyone can do it! Quest Web Parts enable SharePoint developers, administrators and even power users to configure rather than code to build SharePoint applications quickly and easily without custom code.


Click here to learn more about the contest. Already familiar with the details? Then good luck and HAVE FUN!!


Happy building,


Dan Gauntner