Building a Wireless Network Here's What You Need to Know


Are you planning to build a wireless network? Are you confused why part of your wireless network works great and other parts don’t? Have you deployed a wireless network but things did not go so well? Then this is the article for you.


You have heard the horror stories: “I had to rip out all of my Access Points and start again”, “it cost me twice as much than the original estimate”, “my voice calls are constantly dropping”, and “I do not get the data rates I was promised”. Then you need to read this article.


Every wireless deployment is unique. Even if you have offices or floors with the same physical layout, any changes in construction material, the location of filing cabinets, the presence of microwave ovens, or differences in the way people congregate will change the way signals travel over-the-air. Therefore you cannot use a generic deployment blueprint and roll out your network. Every wireless network deployment requires an individual assessment.


This article, 10 things you were never told about wireless network planning, will walk you through the steps for planning a wireless network for a small to medium size business.


Dr. Avril Salter has been helping IT professional understand and implement Wireless LANs for over 20 years. In this article she brings this experience to bear and identifies the top mistakes made in WLAN deployments, helping you avoid costly mistakes and time delays caused by poor planning and execution.


Dr. Salter starts with a discussion about site inspections. Then she discusses how to take site measurements. This is followed by the essentials considerations for creating a deployment plan, and finally she describes key attributes in configuring the Access Points.


This is a must read article for anyone involved is deploying wireless networks.