BYOD - It's Coming, are you Ready?

It seems like all we hear about these days are the doom and gloom of BYOD and how it’s going to destroy security and undermine IT efficiency. But we can’t avoid it. Every day someone brings a new device into the equation, and every day one executive or another demands that he can do his job from the latest toy he just discovered. It’s not going away, we can’t avoid it…so we’re left with no choice but to embrace the trend. So how do you attack BYOD without ruining business? Here at Quest/Dell, we’ve tackled the issue by emphasizing the mantra “it’s all about the data, not the device”. Carol Fawcett our CIO contributed to a to article titled Quest CIO Says BYOD Is Not About Devices. If you’re dreading the BYOD onslaught, already have a handle on it but want to see how others are dealing with the same challenges, or simply want some justification to forbid it entirely, check out the article: Quest CIO Says BYOD Is Not About Devices.