Can SharePlex start replication from a point in the past?

Yes, it certainly can. You can activate a configuration starting at a specific archive log (providede it is still on disk).

In order to activate a config file and have it go back to a specific archive log number, please refer to the following solution.


INTERNAL: Procedure to force SharePlex to re-start replication from some point that has already past.

The following set of manual steps will allow a user to force SharePlex to re-start replication from some point that has already past. Performing these steps in a SharePlex configuration would only be of use in certain circumstances:

1. The SharePlex configuration is already established and the target already instantiated.

2. The source is not a RAC machine.

3. The data that needs to be replayed can be reached by SharePlex (the redo logs and archive logs are still on disc).

4. Oracle's minimum supplemental logging was enabled and SharePlex activated at some point in time previous to the point at which data needs to be replayed.

5. The objects being replicated have unique keys or primary keys. This way, when the data is replayed, the data will not be double posted.

6. The operations being replayed do NOT include updates that change value of the key column(s).

7. There are no objects with LOB columns being replicated.

8. There are no DDL changes to the objects in replication in the portion of the redo logs that is being replayed.

It is strongly recommended that your work with Support to accmplish this.


1. Shutdown Shareplex

2. Run ora_cleansp against both the source and the target

3. activate config <config file> seqno=<recovery seqno>