Can't We All Just Get Along!

Whether transitioning from one platform to another or trying to improve collaboration between disparate environments, proper coexistence is essential to efficient and effective communication. Until recently, a significant portion of coexistence efforts and solutions focused on collaboration across Exchange organizations or between Exchange and Lotus Notes. Unfortunately, organizations running GroupWise had limited options for collaborating with partners, vendors, or internal divisions running Microsoft Exchange.

Historically, Microsoft and Novell offered coexistence solutions, but these do not support recent versions of either mail platform and rely on aging technology & gateways. These factors contribute to a less than desirable experience for the team managing the coexistence environment and the resulting functionality derived by the organization and user community.

In response, Quest released Coexistence Manager for GroupWise a few months ago to provide directory synchronization, calendar conversion, and free/busy queries between systems. For the first time in several years, GroupWise organizations have a viable coexistence option based on current standards and platforms.

As Coexistence Manager for GroupWise was deployed into customer environments, we discovered a few ways to further enhance the coexistence experience. These enhancements have been incorporated into Coexistence Manager for GroupWise 1.0.1, which will Release to Marketing this week.

Coexistence Manager for GroupWise version 1.0.1 includes the following enhancements:

  • Bidirectional F/B Connector for Office 365: CMG's Free/Busy Connector now supports bidirectional free/busy queries between GroupWise 8 and Microsoft's Office 365. This is accomplished without requiring a local Exchange server or Microsoft's Calendar Federation.
  • Trusted API: CMG's Free/Busy Connector can now leverage the Trusted Application API for added security.
  • Performance & Timing Improvements: CMG now includes additional tuning options to overcome limitations within the GroupWise Address Book and Outlook timeouts on free/busy requests.
  • Advanced Settings dialog box: The Directory Connector now exposes an Advanced Settings dialog box for defining custom filtering and mapping options.
  • Improved GME compatibility: Contact addresses generated by a CMG GroupWise-to-Exchange Directory Connector are now more compatible with the features of Quest’s GroupWise Migrator for Exchange.
  • Additional detection options and control over GroupWise address book updates: Greater flexibility in configuring the Directory Connector to determine when updates are required on objects previously created in GroupWise.

For additional information on these features and other enhancements included in CMG version 1.0.1, please refer to the Release Notes or contact your Quest representative for additional information.