Can Your Database Tools Do This? New Series of 5 videos on Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition.

“So, what’s in your Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition and how do I know if I need it?”

We hear that a lot.

Many of us on the Toad team talk to DBAs and developers at Dell World, user conferences, trade shows and other forums, and they tell us they’re able to meet many of their needs with Toad Base Edition and Toad Professional Edition. Eventually, though, they want to take The Next Step, usually in the direction of optimizing code, improving collaboration and managing database changes better.

We’ve rolled the advanced features and functions they’ve requested into our Toad for Oracle Xpert Edition and put together a series of 3-minute walk-through videos on how you can use them in your environment. Narrated by our own John Pocknell, the videos explain the features so you can determine whether you can use them, and they include screen captures so you can see how to navigate to and launch each function.

Watch the 3-minute video below to see the 5 main features of Toad Xpert Edition that developers and DBAs ask for in their database tools: