Capture Website Visitor Attributes to Improve Customer Experience, You Just Might Learn Something NEW!

The web makes it easy to be anonymous. We can do research, make a purchase or complete a registration without ever having to interact with another human being. Using the web takes less time, costs less money and (in most cases) causes less stress. As consumers, we’ve fully adopted the internet and for the most part, we love it!


If you’re a company using the web to conduct business, drive revenue or deliver customer service, customer anonymity creates a painful blind spot. You can’t see your customer and that makes it difficult to understand what motivates them and drives their behavior. In short, doing business on the web hinders your ability to truly know and understand your customer. Without this visibility, it’s difficult to continually deliver products and services that delight your customer base and keep them coming back for more.


But, hope is not lost! If you’re running a business over the internet, you can gain and maintain visibility into important customer attributes that help you to know your customer. A Foglight customer that operates a website targeted at tweens recently shared that they use Foglight to capture and actively monitor the following site visitor attributes:

  • User ID,
  • Geographical area,
  • ISP,
  • Connection speed,
  • Browser type.


Through the constant monitoring of these attributes, the Foglight user discovered a significant shift in the number of site visitors using the Firefox browser. They attributed this trend to the increasing adoption of Apple products by their target demographic, tweens. When they recently experienced a drop in sales they were able to very quickly determine that no sales were being generated from visitors using the Firefox browser and as such, were able to isolate the issue to users from a certain geography using Firefox. This helped them understand the business impact as well as begin troubleshooting the performance issue.


Gaining visibility into site visitor attributes ultimately empowers you to evolve your goods and services to meet your customer’s needs and keep them coming back for more! In the Internet age of anonymity, monitoring website performance from the customer perspective and capturing key attributes about your customer during their visit is the best way to truly know your customer.