Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation with MessageStats - An Interview with Carol Fawcett, Quest VP of Global Information Services

If you've already watched the first two episodes of this video series, you've heard Microsoft MVP David Sengupta talk about the evolution of the messaging marketplace over the last 10 years. And, in the second episode, Product Manager Joel Blaiberg guides us through the migration process providing insights into how MessageStats can help organizations plan for successful migrations.


In this last video, Carol Fawcett, Quest's VP of Global Information Services talks about the importance of effectively managing today's messaging environments and discusses how MessageStats helps simplify that process. She talks about the common uses of MessageStats but also shares some of the unique ways that the product has been used by her IS organization. For example, Carol shared that they were able to watch the uptake of the use of the iPhone at Quest using reports provided through MessageStats. She said, "We knew that iPhones were taking off...we watched that trend as it was happening in our organization. So, why is that important? Because as an IS organization, you need to be able to support the new devices, plan for the technology change, train your staff so that they are ready to support this new world, etc. It is the difference between being proactive and reactive."


See this last episode in the “MessageStats Ten Years of Innovation” video series to view this interview with Carol. And, thanks for joining us in our 10 years of innovation celebration! Thanks for watching!