Celebrating 10 Years of Innovation with MessageStats - Video 2

If you've already watched the first episode of the MessageStats 10 Years of Innovation video series, you have heard David Sengupta talk about the evolution of the messaging marketplace over the last 10 years and the convergence of email, messaging, web conferecing and VoIP technologies. It's been an exciting decade and as new platforms evolve and become more robust, organiztions embark on migrations to new platforms to take advantage of the benefits of the new technologies.


In the second video, product manager Joel Blaiberg guides us through the migration process and provides insights into the innovations that Quest has built into MessageStats to help organizations plan for a successful migration. See the second episode of the “MessageStats Ten Years of Innovation” video series to view this interview.


Stay tuned for the final episode of this series, where we'll learn about the importance of effectively managing today's diverse messaging environments and discuss how MessageStats helps simplify that process.


Until then, thanks for watching!