ChangeBASE 6.1: Custom Conversion Technologies and App-V 4.6 SP1

Today I've been creating some new training videos for ChangeBASE 6.1. One of the topics I'm covering is how to use "Custom Conversion Technologies" (CCTs). These allow you to add automated packaging or application virtualization tools into ChangeBASE so you can add even more automation in your daily tasks.

In the training video I'm using App-V 4.6 SP1 as an example. This might seem like an odd choice as we already support this as a built-in conversion technology, but it works well as it has good command line support, and it might be useful in scenarios where you want more control than you get with the built-in technology (which is fully automated). 

This is how you use the new CCTs:

  1. In ChangeBASE go to Settings, Conversion, Custom Conversion Technologies
  2. Click "Add Install Monitor based"
  3. Fill out as below:

    The partially hidden "Args" is:
    /INSTALLPACKAGE:"{installwithargsbat}" /INSTALLPATH:"Q:\{packagename}" /OUTPUTFILE:"%TMP%\{packagename}\{packagename}.sprj"
  4. Click Save
  5. Make sure you have a VM with the CBVM Tools installed (the latest version) and the App-V sequencer (4.6 SP1). Take a snapshot of this VM with it logged on.
  6. Click on "Virtual Machines" and add this VM making sure you select your CCT and the right snapshot:
  7. You are ready to go! Change to the Applications screen, select an application which is green for your App-V 4.6 platform.
  8. Click Convert -> Virtualize -> With Settings defaults
  9. Change the Technology to the CCT you just created:
  10. Click Convert, Selected
  11. ChangeBASE will now convert your application using the new CCT.

Feedback on this new feature is always welcome!