ChangeBASE 6.2 New Features!

ChangeBASE 6.2 - Flexibility, Automation, Collaboration

I am very excited to announce the latest product release of Dell ChangeBASE, the leader in application compatibility testing, fixing, virtualization, re-packaging and on-going management. ChangeBASE 6.2 launched today (06th November 2014) with some great new features.  

ChangeBASE 6.2 features include: -

  • Ability to check for dependencies and/or conflicts - The new Dependency and Conflict Checker (DACC) allows you to check for dependencies or conflicts between different versions of your build (desktop and/or server OS), middleware applications or Microsoft OS security updates and patches. 
    This can really help server migrations because you can load several build (WIM) images. Customers may have Windows Server 2003 images that do not have all the latest patches applied and this is a good way to check application compatibility across several variants.
  • Online check updates - Download and schedule new compatibility checks or updated checks without having to wait for the next product release.
  • New Job Scheduler - The new job scheduler means you can choose to auto-run ChangeBASE tasks whenever you want. For example, you can specify when new checks will be run or schedule large imports to occur during out of office hours.
  • Ability to share your customized checks - Import and export custom compatibility checks so they’re easier to share. Automate of your QA checks and improve collaboration with the rest of your team.
  • Create your own fixes for your company specific standards - Custom fixing provides the ability to create a fix that can be tailored for any customer requirement. Apply changes to your applications to comply with corporate standards. Write fixes in PowerShell. Re-use fixes in multiple checks for better collaboration.
  • Enable easier integration with Workflow Tools (API Wrapper) - PowerShell API Wrapper makes it easier to run ChangeBASE tasks without using the UI. Common ChangeBASE tasks are already included in the wrapper. Run CB under the covers via any workflow tool!

Download a ChangeBASE free trial today!