Chaos to Success SharePoint Webcast Series by Joel Oleson with Special Guests

Webcast Series -- From Chaos to Governance: SharePoint Management and Development


Achieve Control over SharePoint Administration and Development – There’s a Method to the Madness


SharePoint is a flexible and efficient collaboration platform, but without a proper governance plan in place, it can quickly spin out of control. Administrators need to have consistent rules and guidelines for appropriate oversight while still offering the flexibility to customize solutions based on user needs. Join SharePoint expert Joel Oleson, and other guests in this three-part webcast series as they focus on SharePoint governance, offer prescriptive guidance and showcase tools to help you proactively manage and develop your SharePoint service.


Chaos to Success SharePoint Webcast Series


Effective Backup and Restore Strategies for Your SharePoint Service


Chaos in SharePoint backup and recovery arises when you’re not sure what to backup or what tools to use to back it up. Without this knowledge, users have to wait weeks or worse for IT to retrieve their lost data. Learn the out of the box tools, methods and practices as well as a demo of Quest's tools used to streamline processes, help you meet SLAs, and keep users productive.


Webcast: SharePoint Backup and Recovery


Special Guest: Mike Watson and Brent Ozar

Thursday, Feb 19 at 11 a.m. Eastern, 8 a.m Pacific


Back to Basics - The Fundamentals of SharePoint Administration


Chaos in SharePoint administration stems from having limited or no control of your environment. There are no quotas, rules for site creation or security. Plus, there’s no rhyme or reason to permissions and support is limited or nonexistent. Learn how following a consistent administration plan allows you to provide a reliable service to the organization, secure your SharePoint platform, and support your users when they need it the most. We’ll review the goals of a successful administration plan, provide you with prescriptive guidance to achieve them and describe native and third-party tools that can help you implement your strategy with ease.


Webcast: Fundamentals of SharePoint Administration


Special Guest: TBD

Thursday, March 5 at 11 a.m. eastern


Streamlining Application Deployment with No Coding

If you have no defined SharePoint development lifecycle or process for creating services for end users on this platform, then you’re living in chaos. This means IT administrators struggle to make heads or tails out of the bits of code and web parts being thrown at them. Plus, they don’t know how to build what end users need much less how to support what’s built going forward. Learn how to streamline your application deployment process by defining a comprehensive development lifecycle. This lifecycle will minimize confusion as new applications are built as well as ensure that they can be supported in the future. We’ll discuss the elements to include in your lifecycle and show you native and third-party tools that that handle the coding for you. The result: You’ll be able to easily build professional solutions that meet your users’ needs.


Webcast: SharePoint Application Development


Special Guest: TBD

Thursday, March 19 at 11 a.m. eastern