Check out @CMcNulty2000 Five Pillars of #SharePoint #Governance whitepaper. Watch the teaser video! #qSharePoint

Our very own Chris McNulty just published a whitepaper entitled “The Five Pillars of SharePoint Governance”.


Governance means something different for each organization; it even means different things for people within an organization. Implementing a governance plan can be just as messy as defining one. In this paper, Chris reviews why governance matters, explore how to define it, and offer a framework for shaping and establishing your SharePoint governance program.


Read the Whitepaper >>


OR you can watch this SharePoint Governance webcast with Chris McNulty.


Watch the webcast >>


P.S. What do we mean by the Five Pillars of SharePoint Governance? Well read Chris’ Whitepaper or attend the webcast and then sign up for each of these webcasts that discuss the five pillars individually! Learn more about the Five Pillars of SharePoint Governance Webcasts Series >>