Check out the Free Trial of OnDemand Migration for Email!

Are you interested in migrating to Office 365? If so, you can use OnDemand Migration for Email to migrate from Google Gmail or on-premises Exchange to Office 365. This new product is very easy to use and we offer a free trial for those who want to try it before they subscribe. The trial allows you to migrate up to 25 messages for each mailbox. For the free trial of OnDemand Migration for Email, simply go to the OnDemand portal, sign up, and start migrating!



“Over the past 10 years, Quest has migrated more than 30 million mailboxes, and, as more and more organizations are looking to leverage the cloud for high availability, simplified management and cost-savings, we have enhanced our OnDemand offerings by taking our leadership and expertise in migration to the next level. Quest OnDemand Migration for Email migrates email users and data quickly and reliably without on-premise deployment, ensures the security of confidential data during the migration, and provides pay-as-you-go options so the investment can be spread over time. Quest truly is moving the migration market forward with everything we deliver in OnDemand Migration for Email.” - Nick Nikols, vice president and general manager, Windows for Quest




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