Check Out The New @QuestCast Expert Podcast Series For All @Quest Customers

I am pleased to announce the start of a weekly expert podcast show calle The QuestCast! This new show is a podcast series geared specifically around Quest Solutions and is hosted by Rod Simmons and myself, Chris Ashley. Each week we interview product managers, developers, partners and other experts about the Quest products you use every day to manage enterprises around the world. As a bonus, we ask the guest experts for insight into where the product is heading and at the end of the show, a tip is given to help users get the most out of their Quest tools. Each episode lasts about 30 minutes so you can easily listen to it on the way in to work.



Our first QuestCast episode features an introduction to the series and talks about Quest’s newest mobile product, Mobile IT. The new show can be viewed by going to or if you want to add the show to your favorite podcast application the RSS feed is