Command Centers and Foglight

Has anyone used Foglight as a platform for a Command Center, created a Command Center in their organization, or done anything in their organization that even smells like a command center? If so we'd be interested to learn more about your experiences.

Command Centers were big a while back with ITIL was hot. We haven't really heard a lot about them from our Foglight customers but that doesn't mean they're not out there. For those of you not familiar wtih what a command center is, I cut this out of a Forrestor report from April 30th 2009, "Knocking The NOC: Enter The New Operations Center".

What Is A Command Center?

    • A fully self-contained group within IT that is largely invisible to end users. It is similar to the military concept of a command center, which is almost never exposed in any detail to the public it protects.
    • The command center is the front line to the internal operation. It performs most of the higher-level elements of the incident management process and performs all but the most routine or the most advanced functions for service requests. It is the middle ground between the help desk and the deep technical staff.
    • Staffed with generalists who know ITIL. With regard to technical skills, command center staff members are generalists, not specialists. They know a lot of technology, but their value lies in their breadth, not their depth. Where they do excel is in any area in ITIL and in one special aspect of the operation; they may be the experts of the IT operational automation tools (aka, IT management software tools).

Would also welcome any comments, plans, or past experiences you may of had with command centers. If there is enough interest it may be worth creating a discussion group around this topic.