Concerned About Security in Your Virtual Environment? New Research Reveals You're Not Alone.

How secure are your VMs?

We recently teamed up with a leading provider of government market research to gain a deeper understanding of the VM landscape across federal agencies, and the results underscore the need to address common challenges they’re facing.

It turns out, the majority of the 150 respondents who participated in this study were most concerned with the security of their systems. In fact, 65 percent claimed security as their biggest challenge. Operational issues ― including performance monitoring, optimization, wasted resources, capacity management and the ability to efficiently manage both virtual and physical platforms ― were also cited as problematic, though not nearly as top of mind as security.

Yet another concern respondents noted was just how long it takes to detect and remediate problems. More than half of respondents admitted they generally need a day or more to address security concerns. Given the sensitive nature of much of the government’s data, that’s a chilling statistic.


A Swiss Army Knife for nearly every VM issue  

The good news? Overcoming all these challenges doesn’t have to be nearly as hard or overwhelming as it often seems. With a solid virtual monitoring and management solution in place, it’s possible to quickly address and resolve every single one of these issues ― proactively and from a single interface.

So if you can relate to the norm among federal agencies, consider taking the lead on making a change. It’s a whole lot easier than dealing with problems after the fact. And acting early to get the right solution in place just might make you the silent hero who kept his organization out of the news. Because sometimes, flying under the radar is a reward in itself.

Next steps

See all the results from our study, check out the infographic.

And if you’re interested in rapidly and proactively taking charge of your virtual environment, get yourself a free trial of this solution.