Configuring Test User/Group Mapping for LDAP in Notes Migrator for SharePoint

I sometimes run into issues with the test user/group mapping in NMSP. The issue has everything to do with trying to remember exactly what I did the last time to test. This issue also comes up in our support requests occasionally. Thus, I hope that this information will help others with what to do.

This time I downloaded and installed Softerra’s LDAP Administrator 2013 from the website Softerra is not affiliated with Dell.

Note: Softerra’s LDAP Administrator 2013 software does not require a license key for the first 30 days of a trial period. Please go to Softerra’s website for current information on copyrights, trademarks, and limitations of liability.

I created a new profile in Softerra’s LDAP Administrator 2013:

I click Next to continue. I enter the Host and Base DN values. I leave the port value as is.

I click Next to continue. I select Currently logged on user (Active Directory only). The user account that I am logged into belongs to the same domain as the domain controller and the SharePoint 2013 server.

I click Next to continue. I leave the Filter as is.

I click Finish to complete the wizard process. The Scope Pane and List View refresh with details from the LDAP server.

I click on Tim Fountain in the Scope Pane and can view the details in the List View.

I highlighted the values for distinguishedName and name. I will use the name property to lookup names in LDAP.

Feel free to use whatever LDAP browsing utility that you like. I just wanted to briefly show what properties and values are available to reference when using LDAP.

I open the Advanced Configuration Options in Notes Migrator for SharePoint and click on the User Mapping tab. I set the properties as seen below.

Note that the Query String is set to: (&(ObjectClass=Person)(name={0}))

I am setting the filter to search on the name property in LDAP; not on distinguishedName.

I also set the ADSI login name and password to the current user account that I am logged in as. You will need to change those values for your environment.

I click on Test User Mapping. I set the Canonical Notes Name to CN=Tim Fountain/O=Proposion.

I click on the Lookup button and the display refreshes to show Tim Fountain in the Translation and Lookup property values.

I click on the Validate In SharePoint button. The Test User/Group Names in SharePoint screen appears.

I click the Test button and the screen refreshes with the SharePoint login details.

Now I know that I can map a Notes user account to an Active Directory user account and it will work in SharePoint 2013.

There are a few other related topics to mapping users that I will try to touch on in the future.

Randy Rempel

Senior Product Manager

P.S. Tim Fountain is one of Dell's Pre-Sales Solutions Architects. I hope that you have the pleasure of working with him.