Considering #Exchange 2013? Download the Top 10 Steps to Ensure a Successful Migration Whitepaper

 Whether upgrading a legacy environment, migrating from a non-Microsoft platform or undertaking an Exchange consolidation project due to a merger or an acquisition, the  question for you might not be whether to migrate to Exchange 2013, but how to begin and what steps to take to ensure a smooth, successful and cost-efficient migration.

Remember that migrating to a new Exchange environment can be one of the most important activities you will take on this year. It is vital for every organization to have a clearly defined plan prior to beginning on the migration so Dell has sponsored a new whitepaper titled, Top 10 Steps to ensure a Successful Migration to Exchange 2013 to help you get your project rolling.

Here are the 10 steps to ensure a successful migration to Exchange 2013:

Step #1. Define your environment.

Step #2. Do a full assessment.

Step #3. Prepare – everyone and everything.

Step #4. Build an asset management plan.

Step #5. Manage for compliance.

Step #6. Make sure you have a recovery solution.

Step #7. Focus on Active Directory cleanup.

Step #8. Don’t forget about identity management.

Step #9. Consider the cloud.

Step #10. Choose the right partner


Why wait? Start planning now for your Exchange 2013 migration today – for a detailed explanation of the 10 steps click here to download the new whitepaper, Top 10 Steps to ensure a Successful Migration to Exchange 2013.