CPU load when using ChangeBASE

I was onsite with a customer today and they asked me what proportion of CPU load is executed on the ChangeBASE machine vs the SQL server when importing apps into ChangeBASE, and when assessing apps. It's a valid question as it could assist in planning the hardware for a ChangeBASE deployment. I didn't have an idea on the answer so our lead developer Sean stepped in:

Importing apps into ChangeBASE

The import process has two phases:

  1. Analysing the application. This is represented by 0-60% in the progress bar in ChangeBASE): Here the load is mainly on the ChangeBASE machine. This is putting a high load on the CPU. This is multi-threaded.
  2. Writing the data into the database. This is represented by 61-100% in the progress bar in ChangeBASE. There is only a small load on the ChangeBASE machine as here we are just writing data to the database. The database machine CPU will be doing most of the work during this phase.

Assessing apps in ChangeBASE

Mostly SQL Server CPU. Little activity on client.