Creating a Compliance Strategy that is Smart and Fun...

As a Campaign Manager here at Quest Software, I get to work with some pretty smart and fun people, best part of my job! (Notice I didn't say Pretty and Smart and Funny - that's what it would be like working on the set of 30 Rock- ah - close.... but no! It definitely stays interesting though! Like last month, I was gathering ideas for a new webcast Compliance Is Easy When You Do It In Advance when we got Mike Danseglio, CISSP and Sr. Product Manager Tim Sedlack on the phone together. And... there were sparks! Genuine excitement from these guys about how we need to get this information out to organizations about how important it is to have a Compliance strategy in place --before an audit! (Who knew there would be such camaraderie flying between these two pros?) Compliance information was flowing out like a hot lava...I was taking copious notes...the agenda came together and BAM! before you know it - they put on a fantastic show - errr - webcast.... that you can now find archived here Compliance Is Easy When You Do It In Advance. If you don't want to listen - you can read it instead! Either way - great info from smart, fun people!



So go check out this archived webcast and definitely stay tuned to more of the Tim and Mike show...soon.