Customer Patience does have an Expiration Date & Time

As customers we are a finicky, impatient bunch. With so many messages competing for our attention, it’s easy to get distracted by or allured to a competitor promising something better, shinier, or cheaper. Furthermore, when we aren't delighted by the buying experience, we’re libel to go in search of the better, shiner, cheaper alternative without the prompting of a competitor because we know an alternative is out there. As customers, our patience has an expiration date and time and it might be a while before we return.


Losing customers is a fact of life when you’re in business. You can’t please them all. So when a customer abandons a transaction on your website after they’ve filled their shopping cart full to the brim, you’re left to wonder what went wrong. Understanding “why” they left your website is the difference between losing future customers and delivering a delightful user experience that keeps them coming back for more.


To really understand why the customer abandoned the transaction you need visibility into exactly what they were doing before their departure from your site. The best way to answer “why” is through session playback. The ability to playback an individual user’s web session gives you powerful information about exactly what the customer was doing during each step of their transaction. If your website was performing poorly, pages were taking too long to load or possibly not rendering at all, you can see exactly how the user reacted. Session playback also provides you with a starting point find and fix issues before they impact additional users.


While session playback won’t save the customer you just lost, it will certainly gives you the visibility needed to proactively solve problems and ensure the best online user experience possible.