Data Protection ROI: Avoid a Data Protection Achilles' Heel

How one company known for thwarting cyber attacks made improvements to protect its own data.


Imagine a company that thwarts millions of cyber attacks for clients all over the world only to discover that its own digital property and reputation are at risk.


In our e-book, you’ll learn about how ISCI found itself facing a potential Achilles’ heel:  Almost all of its intellectual property consists of digital assets, and backup turmoil was creating the threat of data loss. A wrong data protection strategy can set in motion the reversal from good fortune to bad — and mess with your organization’s integrity.

ISCI is a company with 150 patents. It knows how to detect the presence of sophisticated adversaries hiding inside enterprise networks; it also has a product line addressing some of the toughest security challenges an organization can face, including the user-identity, 8th or "human layer" in network protocol.

To make the most of these achievements, and capitalize on its victories in the global battle for cyber security, ISCI needed to face down data protection challenges on the home front: to eliminate the risk of losing data required for product development and financial auditing.

Last but not least, it had to prevent a loss of confidence in IT.


Trial by full recovery

ISC8 launched a new data protection strategy that deployed a mix of data protection solutions: a Dell DR series backup-to-disk deduplication appliance and NetVault Backup software. The two are tightly integrated to deliver automated backups and granular recovery. The new solution was subjected to a “trial by full recovery” — by copying 8 terabytes off of a server, executing a full recovery and undertaking a bit-wise comparison. The result: The full 8 terabytes were bit perfect.

By leveraging the right data protection solution, ISC8 was able to:

  • Reduce the threat of data loss and improve compliance.
  • Save on IT time, since the IT team no longer spend 10 percent of its time babysitting backups.
  • Push down storage costs, with 78 TB of data protected using only 2.55 TB of physical storage, a 31:1 ratio.
  • Recover an entire file share server (9 TB) in less than 20 minutes.


Data threats can be avoided

ISCI surmounted its data protection challenges and has ejected a worst-case scenario — an irreversible loss of proprietary data — from the realm of the possible. That alone represents a substantial return on its investment in a new data protection strategy.

There are other aspects of data protection ROI that we’ll be blogging about — accelerating recovery, gaining IT staff time, reducing storage costs — but they all hinge on avoiding data loss.

Companies, like heroes, are rarely perfect. But when best efforts are put forward, potential data protection threats can be avoided.

Read our e-book or more examples of how organizations like yours are protecting against data threats, and increasing their return on investment from data protection.