Database Performance Monitoring - Oracle Community

According to Wikipedia, one definition of the term community is a group of interacting people, with a common interest that come together to help each other. It is in this spirit that community forums are built and the common thread that helps them to grow and evolve.

I would like to welcome you to the new Quest Community for Database Performance Monitoring for Oracle. It's a place to share ideas, participate in discussions, and gain valuable knowledge on Quest products.

The Quest Software portfolio of Foglight products for Oracle has one central mission: To simplify database performance monitoring and management. As an additional resource for our customers, this new community will focus on Foglight for Oracle and Foglight Performance Analysis for Oracle. We are committed to creating a space that fosters the participation of customers and Quest experts alike. A community of sharing ideas and working together toward common goals that further empower you to maximize your Oracle database resources.

And we want your feedback! So I encourage you to join the community, contribute content, invite your friends to join, follow the space and visit often. It only get's better from here!