DBAs: Non-relational Databases May Be Closer Than They Appear. [Survey Results]

How many database instances do you manage? Have a look at the graph and see where you fall along the spectrum of 300 respondents polled by Unisphere Research recently in their report, The Real World of the Database Administrator.

Not many handle a single instance anymore (those were the days . . .), but almost three-fourths of your colleagues manage between two and 100 instances. More than 11 percent manage in excess of 100 instances. That must take a lot of coffee.

It gets even more interesting when you factor in the number of database vendors. Forty-one percent of respondents manage database platforms from two different vendors, but 28 percent are juggling three vendors or more.

With the growth of technologies for managing non-relational information, how will your job as DBA change? Do you think that Hadoop and NoSQL will end up in your job description along with staple platforms like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server? Two out of three respondents whose organization had deployed Hadoop or NoSQL said that management of those technologies would indeed fall to DBAs eventually.

In my last post about NoSQL and MongoDB, I mentioned their tolerance of semi-structured and unstructured data. That tolerance is an advantage for managing more kinds of information, but don’t forget that you may end up being the person who has to administer technologies for non-relational data infrastructure like Hadoop and NoSQL.

Prepare yourself by having a look at the Unisphere report, The Real World of the Database Administrator, to see what else is going on out there. I’ll be pulling more nuggets out of the report for you this month and posting them, so stay tuned.


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