Dell on Dell: Quest and KACE come together to meet customer needs

Dell has been expanding itself into becoming a software powerhouse - you know getting some of that software mojo. One of the awesome parts about working at Dell, is having the opportunity to integrate software products that Dell has aquired -- to bring more value to customers. Over the past few months, Quest has come together with the KACE engineers to provide KACE a best-in-class Single Sign-On solution - all built into the K1 appliance. Quest Authentication Services was the perfect solution.


KACE customers had been asking for Single Sign-On for Active Directory to be integrated into the KACE Service Desk application -- in fact it was the number request by almost 3 times any other feature!


Here are a few of the 70+ responses from KACE's portal that tracked this feature requests –


  • “Please yes, as soon as possible. This would make access and security much more stream line.

  • “It is essential for us to implement the Helpdesk ticketing system, management refuses to put up with another login.”

  • "SSO is a critical integration element for any enterprise-wide system. Please prioritize this!"

  • “Can't wait for this to happen!”

  • “[This is the one problem] that keeps it from being overwhelmingly the best service desk product on the market.”


Dave Kobla, General Manager for Dell Endpoint Systems Management, commented, “The cooperation of the Identity and Access Management team with KACE was fantastic. The IAM team provided exactly the Single-Sign-On solution our customers were asking for, in fact it was our number one customer requested feature on the KACE UserVoice portal. The collaboration between teams, helped us meet our customer needs and not only get it to market faster, but also saved us a huge amount of engineering effort. This was a big win for the Quest Group!”


Quest Authentication Services provides an Active Directory Bridge to UNIX, Linux and Mac systems, allowing users who authenticate into Windows, to also be authenticated into other non-Windows systems and their applications. Since the K1000 appliance was built on the UNIX variant FreeBSD, an Active Directory Bridge solution was needed to provide the SSO functionality. The IAM engineers were able to port the QAS solution to run on FreeBSD and KACE was able to perform the integration with its service desk. This provided KACE with a robust, mature solution that it could ship quickly, without taking several “man years” of engineering effort, or having to ship an immature solution that would likely take time to stabilize. The KACE 1000 5.5 release launched today, see the release notes for more information.