Details on Job and Backup Archive Mgmt - Unique Capabilities in vRanger Pro

"The ability of vRanger Pro to monitor resources in the virtual environment and then dynamically schedule
backup jobs according to the availability of these resources is only one part of the equation to successfully
protecting VMs. Equally important is how it creates and manages the resulting backup archives."

So writes Jerome Wendt, leading analyst at DCIG Inc. Jerome details the unique challenges of protecting data in VMs, which " reside on a single physical machine and share the same underlying network and storage resources. So now... the backup administrator [must] know which VMs host which applications and the application's peak hours of operation. Further, backup admins also need to account for how all of these resources in the virtual environment are being used, when they are being used and under what conditions."

vRanger Pro offers unique resource management capabilities which respond dynamically to changing conditions in the environment, to be sure that:

  • Environment resources are not over-run by backup loads
  • Environment resources are optimized to get the backup and recovery jobs done as quickly as possible

Both capabilties are important. As is the manner in which the backup archive is structured, managed, and operated in the environment.

For Jerome's complete opinion and for more details on how vRanger Pro offers unique capabilities for job and archive management, see the DCIG Inc Brief attached to this blog posting.