Develop your #SharePoint Supportability #Governance plan. Read @CMcNulty2000 tech brief

Earlier we held our Five Pillars of SharePoint Governance – Supportability webcast featuring Jason Himmelstein of Sentri and Chris McNulty (get the recording here).


Now you can take a more in-depth view as to how Quest Software can help you implement the supportability portion of your governance plan.


The Five Pillars of SharePoint Governance – Supportability (a tech brief)

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Though SharePoint can be easily customized to make it almost anything you need, that flexibility can also create a supportability nightmare for administrators. Random custom coding and content that can’t be migrated are only half the problem. The other half is supporting end-user requests in a reasonable time.


In this tech brief, you’ll get helpful insight into the key areas of supportability that every organization should consider when planning their governance program.


You’ll also learn how Quest solutions for SharePoint can address these key supportability concerns, making it easier for you to support your environment and your users, as well as ensure customizations are supportable and upgradable in your environment.


Read the Tech Brief >>