Did Storage Maximizer just get better? You betcha with Version 2.1 now out!

Storage Maximizer (SMAX to you and me!) is a product that we know we will want to add to and enhance a lot over the coming years and that progress continues with our 2.1 release. Too busy to even read the rest of this entry, then download right now at https://www.quest.com/


You probably won't notice much in the UI, but that is due to the fact that SMAX does most of its activities under the cover, keeping a watchful eye on all the storage related to your SharePoint farm.


First off we made sure this product can perform. When we say scale up, we mean it! 2 Million plus objects were tested to the (S)Max with constant rule changes and options being applied. Blobs were externalized, reverted, externalized again! And not a single bit dropped. Some of this has been validated out in the field but good to have a testing lab that can dish it out, and SMAX can take it.


If you have used SMAX already, you may have noticed its simple with a capital S. In 2.1 we made sure nothing can slip you up by adding more to the pre install checks.



A 1.1 customer? We got you covered with the 1.1-2x upgrade tool. Low impact with no data reversion just click and go as long as you are keeping to EBS!




And finally, we have noticed that some of you have duplicate Site IDs. This shouldn't happen but it does, and it means that we struggle to determine where the file should go. We handle this more elegantly now so no worries as they say.


As a bonus we also support maintaining configuration between installs (in case you have to install and reinstall the app) and we support service pack updates too!


As always SMAX is free to use for 30 days while you get a feel for it! Download today at https://www.quest.com/


Look for more exciting releases of SMAX soon!